GamesWarhammer 40,000: Speed Freeks

Warhammer 40,000: Speed Freeks

Blaze into the high-Orktane mayhem of clashing Speedmobs, in adrenaline-fueled combat racing through the brutal Warhammer 40,000 universe driving scrappy vehicles loaded with bombastic weapons and powerful abilities! A breakneck, full-throttle Speedwaaagh! to the death.

About This Game:

We take player feedback very much to heart and are excited to hear your thoughts on the game throughout these early stages of development (and onwards). We want to give the Warhammer and gaming community the best damn Ork experience possible, and gathering valuable feedback will play a big part in that.

So please jump into the official SPEED FREEKS Discord to become directly involved in our community-focused game development!

GenreCombat racing, Free-to-play, Multiplayer
ReleaseTo be announced
CompanyPLAION GmbH

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You can buy this game and link it to the PROS account using QR code in the Main Menu

Wazza Rim
Link Speed Freeks free-to-play to your PROS account and login into the game to unlock this cosmetic item.
Skraga Gubbinz
Play a match in the beta to get this reward.
Skraga Paint Job
Finish the battlepass to receive this reward in-game.

After linking the game

Special features of PROS are now available to you! To link a game please scan the QR code from within the game


Allows you to see the statistics of the game profile for the entire time of the game and for certain periods of it