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Dead Island 2

The much-loved zombie saga is back! Dead Island 2 is a unique formula of horror, dark humor and over the top zombie-slaying, spanning an epic pulp adventure.

About This Game:

This thrilling First-Person, Action RPG takes players across a brand-new playground – a hellish vision of LA (or HELL-A, as we like to call it). Dead Island 2 is stylish, vibrant and flooded with zombie infection. Explore iconic, gore-drenched Los Angeles. Meet larger-than-life characters. Slay countless foes in exquisitely bloody detail. And evolve to become the ultimate Zombie Slayer!

GenreFirst-Person Action RPG
ReleaseApril 28, 2023
CompanyDeep Silver
Languages13 (Show All)

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Dead Island 2: Haus

Lose yourself in a surreal, psycho-horror dreamscape as you explore a mysterious villa in Malibu. Descend through madness, debauchery, and gore, where survival means confronting a new wave of unexpected horrors.

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Dead Island 2 - Expansion Pass

Dead Island 2’s epic horror pulp adventure continues with the Expansion Pass. Embark on two brand new chapters of the main story, coming after release, featuring new missions, foes, weapons, abilities and areas of HELL-A to explore.

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Dead Island 2 Standard Edition

A deadly virus is spreading across Los Angeles, turning inhabitants into zombies. Bitten, infected, but more than just immune, uncover the truth behind the outbreak and discover who -or what- you are. Pre-order now and get the Memories of Banoi!

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Dead Island 2 - Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition includes two premium character packs, featuring a unique costume and weapon, and the Golden Weapons Pack. Pre-order now and get the Memories of Banoi pack, with two weapons, a special weapon perk and skill card.

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Dead Island 2 - Gold Edition

The Gold Edition includes the Expansion Pass. A deadly virus is spreading across Los Angeles, turning its inhabitants into zombies. Survive, evolve and become the ultimate Zombie Slayer.

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